Visual Journaling

Visual journaling is a creative practice that combines mixed-media, collage, drawing, painting, creative lettering, journal writing and so much more. There are no rules for visual journaling and you do not need to be artist or think you are creative to engage in the process. It’s not the end product that counts, it’s the journey you experience along the way. Learn More

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Every week your host Karen Dawn will bring all the creative mediums you need and an activity to help you get started or keep you moving through this extremely varied medium. Signup Today on!

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Recent Blog Posts

  • Red-Brick-Road

Textures that Inspire Art

Life is full of texture. In the landscapes around us. In the experiences that we share. All around us there are textures that create the depth, shadows and light of life.

Today on one of my morning […]

  • quilt-beginnings

Starting New Projects

There’s something exciting about starting a new project. I love to start new things, I just need to find someone who’s willing to finish all the stuff I start to make! Maybe I just have AADD […]

  • night hot flashes

Too Hot to Sleep?

For me, getting a good night sleep has been a life long quest. I’ve suffered from severe insomnia most my life, but when menopause started showing up, all hell broke loose at night. Between the hip and […]

  • mixed-media-oil-pastels

Mixed Media with Oil Pastels

Using water-soluble oil pastels on top of rice paper that has been wrinkled and glued down to a painting surface lends itself to easy made texture and whimsical subjects.

Creative Starters

  • mixed-media-acrylic-painting

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting

Start with a layer of wrinkled rice paper glued onto 140lb watercolor, then layer acrylic paints with a variety of tools and techniques. Watch the video to see how it all comes together.

  • simple-shapes

Simple Shapes

Today’s Creative Starter uses simple shapes. Pick two simple shapes to work with and fill your page, varying the size and balancing position. One of the things that I find helpful is to keep in […]

  • two-handed-drawing

Two Handed Drawing

To get both your left and right brain going at the same time, try drawing with both hands. Pick a simple subject, and draw using both hands at the same time.